WWL-TV’s Mobile Pep Rally for New Orleans Saints takes Bourbon Street


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I tell you what that’s the great thing about this city baby we love a fantastic time this weekend this is the place to be in the world there’s no City love their team like we love our team we have a chocolate style about seven hundred times the city is actually riding with us but I think he took a break to get some food yeah so here jump out you see shopping down right now you shopping down right now but you know but you know whose witness Christian Pierce’s mythos in this mobile pep rally all day what is this let’s not give them any plate so I’m actually going to give you a look a closer look at the vehicle that we’ve been driving around we’ve been going to different locations just going to pep up everyone we have a good time we have throws hey DJ slap we have everyone on board just making different stops we’re going to actually show you some video too we stopped at Bonneville high school and we had a pep rally there there was a marching band the cheerleaders were there performing we also with the children and guess who else was on the mobile pep rally we have Carl here on your day I’m on my day off I’m ready for next time next stop so I’m ready you’re ready to jump back on it’s been fun it’s been fun it’s been a blast for sure everyone on board is having fun we rolling through the city different neighborhoods having fun yeah see all the people cheering and giving us the who dad yeah it’s been great and you know what since we have you that’s how I go you got to drop something for amen we having so much fun ah we have a great time look at these people man it just everybody excited waiting on these Saints the whoop these Eagles man your song gets everyone I thought oh man I mean the energy is real out here man so say what you got to say about this year we have it so much fun on the wwl party bus here with chop on my boy and man it’s a magical season this is our year this is it all right Adam Copa swing around for a second we’re just going to give you a look at the excitement over here and we are going to have more for you guys coming up at 6 o’clock or actually we’ll have more for you in the 5 o’clock and also at 6 o’clock so we’re going to send it back to you guys in the studio

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