WikiLeaks Goes BRUTAL On Mueller – This COULD be GAME OVER!

Since Robert Mueller was appointed by the Justice Department as a Special Counsel of this ridiculous Trump-Russia “collusion” conspiracy theory, many have been asking “who really is this person?”

Well, Julian Assange just issued an earth shattering tweet to announce that Mueller is an expert at framing people, including Wikileaks, in order to meet a political agenda! You can see his tweet below:

This isn’t the first time Mueller has done this.  He also played an integral role in convincing the American people that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in order to get us involved in a war with Iraq. Of course, as we all found out, that was a total lie.


Robert Mueller is an an expert at making nothing look like something.  He did it with Iraq, he did it when he sent a planeload of people to frame Wikileaks, and now he’s attempting to frame President Trump.