WATCH: Hillary Adviser Says Bernie’s Not Worth Listening To Because…

Touchy. On CNN, Hillary Clinton campaign senior adviser Karen Finney was asked if Bernie Sanders was right when he said that Donald Trump didn’t win the election, the Democrats lost it. That got her fur all up for sure. She fiercely stated that she didn’t have to listen to Sanders’ opinion because he’s not a Democrat. Talk about a snob and then she referred to Sanders supporters as Bernie “bros.” Racist! Geez, how petty can you get?

Between Hillary Clinton dissing the Democratic Party and leading Dems dissing other Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, who is a Dem by convenience and came damn close to winning the Democratic nomination, you just can’t get any better than this. They are literally tearing themselves apart from the inside. It’s popcorn worthy.

From The Daily Caller:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ opinions about Democratic party leaders aren’t worth listening to because he’s not a Democrat, says former Hillary Clinton campaign senior adviser Karen Finney.

In an interview on CNN, Finney acknowledged that her remarks would spark outrage from Sanders supporters, who she referred to derisively as Bernie “bros.”

“Bernie is certainly welcome to his opinion, and I know the ‘bros’ are going to get whipped up on Twitter when I say this, but he’s not a Democrat. While he has every right to his opinion, I don’t take his opinion,” Finney said.
She was responding to Sanders’ remarks at The People’s Summit in Chicago over the weekend.

“Trump didn’t win the election, the Democratic party lost the election. The Democratic party must finally understand which side it is on,” said Sanders, an Independent who ran on the Democratic party ticket last year.
Finney accused Sanders of attacking “rank-and-file” party volunteers.

“When he attacks the party, one of the things that I take issue with, he is attacking the rank-and-file people who do the work, day in and day out, local elections, statewide elections,” she said.

Finney is absolutely arrogant here. She’s downright rude. I guess she doesn’t care about alienating millions of Bernie followers. I thought Marxists stuck together? Hmmm… I guess there are varying levels to being a commie on the left.

I’m surprised they don’t care about the Bernie crowd as it looks to me like the Democrats need all the support they can get these days. Their leadership is aging and fractured, so being all nose up is probably not the smartest political move in the book. Just sayin’.

You should see the comments on the video below. Finney just unleashed a whole new torrent of hate towards the Democrats. Well done. They are their own worst enemy. The Dems took in a socialist to boost their support, then betrayed him and kicked him to the curb. They are still treating Sanders like dirt and his followers are incensed. In fact, the Democratic leadership is dedicated to winning more people over to Sanders than the Hildabeast.

I don’t like any of these guys, so to me this is just sheer entertainment. This is what happens when you have no clear leadership within a party.