WATCH : DNC Protesters Burn The American Flag And The American Flag Burns Them Back

If you’ve been watching the Democratic National Convention this week – first off, I’m sorry that you have to be subjected to this clown show. But you may have noticed the forced insistence on behalf of the Democrats that they are super-unified behind Queen Hillary. Inside the Wells Fargo Center, you’ve got vapid Broadway stars singing “What the World Needs Now” while the audience holds hands and sways to the music and holds up “heart-hands,” like that means anything to anyone not in preschool.

Outside the building… well, that’s a different story.

According to this, protesters breached the security wall around the convention for the second night in a row –

They also chanted “Peace is compliance with violence” –

I’m still trying parse out what that’s supposed to mean. Are they saying they’re against violence, but they can’t have peace either, so they’re going to be violent anyway?

Leftist hippie logical. I can’t explain it either.

But the cherry on top of this rotten garbage sundae is the fact that the protesters keep trying to burn the American flag, but then they got set on fire in the process (language warning) –

I honestly can’t tell if that’s a chick or a dude. When you’re dealing with these Millennial hipster gender-fluid douchebags, it’s hard to be sure.

Another group tried to burn a flag that just wouldn’t burn, no matter how much lighter fluid they dumped on the thing (not exactly an American flag – wrong color – but still funny) –

The good news (if any can be found here) is that these morons might just remove themselves from the gene pool.