WATCH: BEST Trump Supporter EVER!!!

The resistance movement is meeting some resistance of its own. At a rally on March 25, 2017, protestors met Maurice Delk for the first time. This man isn’t playing games.

I have to admit I haven’t heard of him until just today. I ran across this video and said to myself, you have to get this out there. We never hear about the people who support President Trump, unless violence breaks out.

The mainstream media is always quick to blame Trump Supporters for violence. That is why we never see videos like this on the Television. They can’t allow the little people to see that Trump has support from everyone!

So, Maurice Delk has a Youtube Channel of his own. The link is under his name. I plan to subscribe so I can see all of his videos.

This Video had only been viewed 10,000 times when I wrote this article. Let’s see if we can take it to 1,000,000 views. Every Trump Supporter needs to see this.

The language is a little rough at times, but WOW! It is nice to see these Liberals confronted with the same methods they try to use on us. God Bless this man!

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