WATCH: Ashton Kutcher Corners Trump In SAG Awards Speech – You Should See How Americans Fights Back !

Last night the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were opened for all celebrities and to the wider public to watch as films and series were awarded in numerous categories. Well, instead of witnessing an elegant night full of glamour and positiveness, we were once more spectators of blunt political speeches by angry celebrity liberals. This hatred was directed towards Donald Trump, mostly due to his recent signing of several executive orders regarding the illegal immigration issue.

One of those celebrities who had the nerve to speak up was Ashton Kutcher, an actor and former TV show host.
“Everyone at airports who belong in my America, you are a part of the fabric of who we are…we welcome you,” Kutcher stated immediately after taking the stage.


According to the Daily Mail, this was directed to Donald Trump and his ban for people from several countries that prevents them to enter the U.S. freely.

Kutcher didn’t hesitate to continue his thought-sharing on social media, but was welcomed by a backlash of comments and posts.

Celebrities in Hollywood are mostly liberal, so they take any chance they can get to go after Trump for numerous illogical reasons.

However, Kutcher’s rant didn’t go so well and you can read some of the responses below…