WARNING: Anti-Trump “Shadow Government” Planning Horrifying Move Against America

In a shocking parallel to 1929, the Shadow Government is planning to try and take down President Trump and our country in one swift motion. How could we possibly allow a takeover to happen?A recent announcement from the chair of the Federal Reserve shows that they are planning on increasing the interest rates a few times a year. The end result could be another Great Depression. (via International Man). They are going to try and blame Trump for this!In order to understand what is happening now, you have to take a look back at the launch of the Great Depression in 1929. The Federal Reserve started raising rates at a staggering rate. Their announced purpose was to ‘limit speculation in securities markets.’

Now, the investors who have put the money in but cannot pay interest rates are forced to default. The result was a crash unlike anything we have ever seen as a country. The plain and simple truth is, it could very well be happening again with President Trump starring as the ‘fall guy’, just like Herbert Hoover.You may be wondering why they are going to do this to Trump. One of the main reasons is the fact that he was not EXPECTED to win the election, at least not like the cronies over in Washington.They suspected that their puppet Hillary would make it into office without a problem. When their hopes came crashing to the ground on Election Day, they had to figure something out to resolve THEIR problem.Trump, despite critics, is as anti-establishment as they come. He did not come into this office to shake hands and make powerful friends. He has his OWN friends. So, what does this mean?It means he cannot be manipulated. They cannot bend him to their will, and this is a big problem for Shadow Government. Their solution is to crash the market AGAIN and let Trump take the fall. We will not stand for this again.

The most disgusting thing of all is how this is all according to a plan. Most mainstream media outlets HATE President Trump. Their reasons range from childish to downright bizarre. They are grilling him so hard and the everyday Democrat is running with it as if it were gospel. If you ever try to have a conversation with someone who dislikes Trump, they will typically stamp their feet and tell you that Trump is “literally Hitler”, or something to that effect.If you ask a liberal why they feel that way, all they can do is regurgitate the nonsense that they hear on TV. Most of them could not give you ONE SOLID ANSWER based from their own opinions on why they dislike the president.Things are likely going to start changing at a rapid pace. The blame on Trump is going to increase. The number of riots we have seen recently is going to soar. We need to keep our eyes open for the changes throughout Washington as they occur. Stay vigilant, Patriots, because something is stirring up.