VIDEO: ANTIFA Did THIS to an Old Man!

No, President Trump did not defend any whites supremacists, KKK, or Neo-nazis and he was as not lying when he said two different sides were in Charlottesville to do battle. Here is some proof.

The Crooked Liberal Media was quick distort and misrepresent what President Trump said at Monday’s news conference.  Now the Anti-Trump, Establishment scumbags, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham  and John Kasich have all  jumped on Antifa bandwagon. It is time for some serious swamp drainage!

Here is proof that the cowardly left wing thugs, known as Antifa, were in Charlottesville.

Conservative Firing Line  reports:

A video posted to Twitter on Tuesday appears to show an elderly man being beaten by a group of thugs aligned with the radical anti-democracy group Antifa. The tweet, posted by

Beverly Hills Antifa, reads: “Make sure this video of Antifa beating an old man never hits the news.”

A post at Red Wire News says the video was shot during the Charlottesville riot last weekend. Although the video seems to have been taken during that event, we were unable to independently verify that assertion.

What caught our attention was Antifa’s admission that they engaged in this violent assault on an older man and their silly concern that it might reach the media.

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