US Says Crossing Is Full Before Caravan Tries To Seek Asylum


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New at 11 hundreds of Central American migrants who caravan to the US border have been told the border crossing can’t accept any more asylum seekers Mireya Villarreal has the latest on the showdown at the border in Tijuana Mexico hundreds of migrants gathered at the border families with young children have very little with them after nearly a month of traveling their journey’s end is blocked by a fence that some have defiantly climbed to draw attention to their ultimate goal of asylum I’m espera la da Galvez a mother from Honduras is nervous about what might happen to her family if she tries to cross into the u.s. missing from the other side Galvez is part of a caravan of refugees that are now meeting with attorneys preparing to ask the u.s. for asylum supporters who march from Los Angeles to San Diego are protesting on the US side of the fence watch the caravan watch how sad and terrible it is at a rally just outside Detroit Saturday night president Trump blamed Democrats in office for the country’s weak immigration policies I call them the dumbest immigration laws anywhere on earth if a person puts their foot over the line we have to take them into our country we have to register them we then have to ask them a couple of questions lawyers are telling them what to say how unsafe they are and once they say that we have to let them go the group will now test the Trump administration’s rhetoric criticizing their plans to seek asylum people right now are being told that the processing could take a while as they are seeking asylum and also they could be separated from their families during detention me daya viel CBS News Los Angeles

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