URGENT: Pence Just Announced Trump’s New Foreign Strategy That Puts Obama to Shame

Obama is not the President America deserves, we all know that. Luckily, he’s running out of time, and we no longer have to carry his burden. Unlike Obama, Trump has bright political future, and the country loves him. Obama did so many mistakes in his career, which includes his cooperation with terrorists. A real President will never do such a thing to his own people.

Via Conservative Tribune: Time and time again, when it comes to provocative or threatening actions from our nation’s enemies and rivals, it seems Obama would rather beat around the bush or negotiate with them rather than confront them head-on by asserting our power in defense of our interests. But that would all change under a Donald Trump administration, or so says vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, according to The Hill.

“In a Trump-Pence administration, we will not negotiate with those who threaten our people. America needs to be strong for the world to be safe. Donald Trump will lead from strength on the world stage,” Pence declared Thursday evening to the crowd at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia. “We ought to look at what the judgment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has wrought, particularly on the world stage. For all the world, it looks like the world is spinning apart,” Pence continued, accurately tying the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee to the failed foreign policies of the current president. Pence proceeded to make…