Trump Orders All Obama Ambassadors To Leave Posts By Inauguration Day – No Exceptions

President Obama and his team are going to be gone in 15 days. That’s fantastic news for the many Americans who have been left behind by this president the last 8 years.Donald Trump has made it clear that he is going to clean house in Washington.Obama’s policies will be rolled back. Lobbyists and special interests will have less power. Out of control departments and agencies will be reined in.

And now it looks like Trump is wasting no time running Obama’s ambassadors out of town. From Washington Examiner: President-elect Trump’s transition team has reportedly ordered all ambassadors appointed by President Obama to leave their posts by the time the billionaire is sworn in — no exceptions.

A senior Trump transition official said the move was to ensure that Obama’s overseas diplomats leave their government jobs as scheduled, just as federal government employees in the U.S. are required to do. According to the New York Times, “political” ambassadors — often big donors — usually leave their posts at the end of a president’s term, but career diplomats have remained past inauguration. Good.

It’s the transition team’s job to make sure this goes smoothly and if they want people gone on inauguration day so be it. Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster and the more people with his mindset that can be moved out of the way the better. The left will try to spin this as some kind of reckless move but I think we can live without the ambassador to Iceland for a couple days following the inauguration. Anyone who identifies with Obama’s disastrous foreign policy has no business hanging around in the Trump administration.