Trump Jr. SPOTTED at Mar-a-Lago, Liberals INFURIATED by Shirt He’s Wearing…

The Trump Family is in Palm Beach, Florida, this weekend for the Easter holiday, which they will spend together at President Donald Trump’s luxury Mar-a-Lago resort.

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. shared a photograph with his social media followers which looks to have been taken poolside at his father’s estate.

It was his t-shirt which caught everyone’s attention and garnered thousands of “likes” on Facebook within hours.
Take a look…


In the snapshot, Trump Jr. is wearing a bright green shirt with a simple, yet profound, three-word message: VERY FAKE NEWS.

The slogan is in reference to the moniker the president notoriously gave CNN, perhaps his biggest adversary in the mainstream media, which has constantly engaged in fake and biased reporting.

Trump Jr. has taken over the family business alongside his brother, Eric, since their father was elected in November. However, he admittedly developed a penchant for politics while on the campaign trail, and recently expressed his interest in potentially running for Governor of New York.