Trump Is Doing One Critical Thing That Obama Refused To Do

The liberal mainstream media has worked overtime to smear President Donald Trump and, once again, their bluster proves to be false — especially when compared to his predecessor. Unlike former President Barack Obama, who preferred to talk, Trump has shown that he is more than willing to sit back and listen.

Andrew Malcolm wrote in McClatchy:Trump prefers that personal touch, as he did in his real estate dealing days, the opposite of aloof. He and Vice President Mike Pence are holding a series of “listening sessions” with leaders from education, small business, big business, community banks and so forth.Somehow, recent encouraging economic news and the administration’s legislative agenda always come up, starting with Obamacare’s repeal and replacement, then tax reform. And most sessions end with POTUS inviting attendees into the Oval Office for a once-rare, much-coveted photo in that fabled place.

Such focused attention by a president tends to increase support and mute disagreement, while fueling positive word-of-mouth about him and his plans, almost like an investment in a long-term real estate deal.In contrast, Malcolm pointed out how different Obama handled his role and the fallout that resulted from it:Obama wasn’t big on listening sessions; he preferred talking ones. He didn’t meet with the GOP’s Senate leadership, for instance, until his 542nd day in office. The irony is Obama’s party had such firm control of Congress back in 2009 and 2010 that it could ram through the immense bill with not a single Republican vote.In reaction, the ensuing 2010 midterm elections marked the start of Democrats’ dramatic decline under Obama, costing them both houses of Congress and devastating damage at state levels. Republicans now control 33 governor’s offices and both legislative houses in 25 of those states.

This is a critical point that both outs how wrong the MSM has been about Trump as well as their massive bias in regard to Obama.Obama didn’t reach across the aisle. He preferred to tell people how it was going to be rather than listen to find out how it should be.In contrast, Trump appears to truly understand what his role is as a representative of the people. Despite the media’s claims that he is terribly full of himself, he seems to have no issue listening to others and getting as many perspectives as he can.A good leader is fully aware that they don’t know everything and that much of their job involves getting knowledgeable people around them and being open to new information.Trump is making a point of doing just that, but did Obama — nope. Yet which president did/does the media slap the dictator label on?