Today I met the mythical, Trump supporting Bernie Bro

After finishing my stint on The Ed Morrissey Show today, I once again headed back outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia in search of delegates to chat with or any protesters who might be milling about. Unfortunately it had been raining on and off and everyone was rushing to get inside for the final night of speeches. Then I saw two young men – I’m guessing late twenties – lighting up cigarettes by the wall a ways down from the entrance and I overheard one of them saying, I decided today. I don’t care anymore. I’m going with Trump.

The guy had some Bernie stickers and that definitely caught my attention, so I approached and introduced myself. I asked if he would mind if I asked a few quick questions. (No. No problem.) I also asked if I could use his name and/or get a picture. (Nope. Don’t need that kind of trouble.) After confirming that he was a Bernie supporter and alternate delegate, I got down to business.

Was he not giving any consideration to voting for Hillary? Nope. Never intended to vote for Hillary, wasn’t going to change now.

What was it he disliked about her so much? Nothing really. He only became interested in [,,,]