The School Library Computer Game Collection


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– I’m bored. – You know, they say only boring people get bored. (thunder roars) – Hey, gamers! You’re familiar with classic reissues like the NES Mini, right? – Yeah! – Well guess which throwback is screamin’ down the pipeline next! – N64! – Nintendo 64! – No! Introducing the Library Computer Classic Mini. (record rewinds) – What? – All your favorite educational games from the library when you were a child. – Cool? – How do you even type on this? – (chuckles) You’ll figure it out. With games like Minesweeper, Math Blaster, Number Muncher, Museum Madness, Reader Rabbit, Gus Goes to Cybertown, and more! – Alright! Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. I remember this one! – (beeps) Wrong. (beeps) Wrong. – This isn’t fun. – No. Does it have Warcraft? – No! – Mega Man? – No! – Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon? – (laughs) Not on this computer! – You’re kidding me. – You’ll only find educational games here, but we do have Paint! – Wow, that wasn’t even fun as a kid. – As well as Battle Chess, Orly’s Draw-A-Story, and a Christian anti-drug game with a talking fish.

(glass breaking) – Sorry. – Knock knock! It’s nostalgia at the door and she brought SkiFree, Snake, and that one Pinball game you could unlock in Microsoft! – Okay? – How about a previously unreleased version of Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? – Oh, that’s cool. – Called Carmen Decided to Settle Down in Temecula and Get Really Into Wine. – We know where she is, we did not– – It’s in the title. – She’s in Temecula. (playful technical music) – You can see why that wasn’t released.

– For a total of 30 different games plus porn! – (gasps) Porn! – That’s right! No child of computers could be without porn! – Okay, uh– – But your parents put a kid filter on the computer so you’re grounded! – I’m an adult, I don’t think my mom– (phone vibrates) Did my mom actually just see that search? – Library Computer Classic Mini because every single memory deserves a nostalgia reboot.

– Hey, mom! – Chris, tell her it’s a virus! Tell her it’s a virus! Maybe we help her find herself. – Oh, like Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego. .

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