Team Trump BRAGGED About Winning North Dakota – Until Ted Cruz DID THIS!! [Video]


In a stunning upset that shows just how brilliant Ted Cruz is at out-maneuvering and out-organizing his opponents, the consistent Constitutional Cuban from Canada was able to nab all the delegates from North Dakota right out from under Team Trump’s nose!!

On Saturday, Team Trump was bragging about endorsements and saying that they would pick so many delegates that they’d be celebrating with champagne.

But that’s not quite how it turned out.

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Here’s what happened from Politico:

Ted Cruz’s preferred candidates won the vast majority of convention delegates available in North Dakota over the weekend, taking 18 of 25 slots in the state in another show of organizational strength over Donald Trump.
It’s still not clear how loyal all of Cruz’s slate will be if the Republican nomination heads to a contested convention in Cleveland, as several included on it told POLITICO they were only leaning toward Cruz, or simply opposed to Trump.