Take Your Girl Scout Cookie Sale to the Next Level with the Digital Cookie Platform!


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The Digital Cookie platform is a fun way for Girl Scouts like you and me to take our cookie sale beyond the booth, and get hands-on experience running our own digital cookie business giving us more ways to reach customers and gain support for all of the amazing things we do. Sell door to door, at the booth, or online with your very own, personalized cookie site! This year, the Digital Cookie platform has fun new features to up the WOW in your Girl Scout Cookie Program experience, and help you become a better Cookie Boss—awesome! Here’s what you can expect. All of your Cookie Business badge requirements are now online right from your cookie site, and you can do a lot of the activities online, too! Play games, take quizzes, watch videos, and download activities so much fun with every click! Plus, you can personalize your very own cookie site by using the goal calculator to set your goals, sharing your cookie story with your customers, and uploading a cool video or picture to greet them as they arrive at your site.

Get your marketing hat on! Manage your customer list, and connect with customers via email with fun, ready-to-use templates. You can keep track of customer orders and deliveries, too! Now I know we’re excited about all of the AWESOME the Digital Cookie platform offers, but what about your parents? Do they know how safe, fun, and full of learning it is? Pump up the excitement—let them know! NUMBER 1, Parents have 24/7 access to preview and approve your site setup, and monitor your new orders and customer list. NUMBER 2, You get hands-on experience and tips for running your cookie business, including advice for setting up your site, planning and managing your sale, and SO much more. I know Mom, Dad, and Aunt Claire will be so excited to hear how much I’m learning! You’re excited. Your parents are excited. And, TRUST ME, your customers will love it! After all, they can get delicious Girl Scout Cookies and help you and your troop do awesome things in your community. They’ll be so excited to support the largest girl-led business in the world by ordering their favorite Girl Scout Cookies online.

They can donate boxes, too! Plus, they can pay for their order by credit card without any fussy card readers and learn all about your cookie goals and how they’re helping your troop do great things. Now Mom’s cross-country bestie can finally get her favorite Girl Scout Cookies! The Digital Cookie platform allows cookie fans near and far to order cookies from you and have them shipped right to their homes.

WHOA—the Digital Cookie platform is blowing my mind right now. There’s so much good stuff here for everyone, especially girls. I love it! Want to learn more about the Digital Cookie platform? It’s easy. Just ask your troop leader for more info. .

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