CIA and FBI’s Revelation Leaves Russia in Complete SHOCK! FINALLY!

All things considered, it appears as though the CIA and FBI have at long last chosen to dump the MSM’s account of ‘Russians hacked and spilled,’ and are presently conceding (by dispatch of an “insider” manhunt) that maybe WikiLeaks had it right from the start. A double crosser within was

Wikileaks Posts Unclassified Email to Hillary Clinton From Foreign Policy Advisor: ‘Al Qaeda is on Our Side in Syria’


Wikileaks posted an unclassified email to Hillary Clinton from her foreign policy advisor, Jake Sullivan dated February 2012 saying, ‘AQ is on our side in Syria’. The other part of the email published by Wikileaks read: UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05789138 Date: 10/30/2015 AL-ZAWAHIRI URGES

Wikileaks Bombshell: Guccifer 2.0 Admits Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker


Wikileaks confirms Seth Rich as source of DNC Leak and provides proof– Wikileaks released a series direct messages from US alleged “Russian spy” Guccifer 2.0 to acress model Robin Young (according to Young). In the stream of texts the discussion leads to the DNC leaker. His name is “Seth”… Guccifer admits he is not

IT’S OVER! What Wikileaks Revealed Will Put Obama’s Top Adviser in JAIL Tomorrow

As you’ve probably heard, Bloomberg is reporting that Susan Rice, once described as Obama’s “Right Hand Woman,” personally spied on President Trump after he took office. Rice reportedly accessed private transcripts of top Trump officials starting last July and “ramping up” after the election. Rice was Obama’s National Security Advisor from

Wikileaks: James Comey Lied – Republican Party Emails Were Also Released During 2016 Campaign


On Monday FBI director James Comey told the House Intelligence Committee that the Republican Party emails were not released during the 2016 election campaign. Wikileaks also published a link to Republican Party emails that were leaked during the 2016 election. Here is a link to the GOP emails leaked out during the