WHAT? Whoopi Just Insulted ALL Trump Voters


Whoopi Goldberg and her flock of idiots on “The View” have made criticizing President Trump into a sport.It’s a sport they truly suck at, so now they’ve shifted their energy to attacking Trump supporters instead. Whoopi is now claiming that Trump supporters “don’t want the truth.”Ah, yes…the “truth” of anonymous sources,

BREAKING: Whoopi To Possibly Be FIRED By ABC After She Did THIS


Whoopi Goldberg’s future at The View is looking very uncertain this week after she gave ABC executives a truly insane list of demands in order for her to return to the show next season.Daily Mail reported that Whoopi is demanding at least a $1.5 million raise, which would bring her

JUST IN: Liberal Hero Whoopi Goldberg Charged By The Secret Service


Whoopi Goldberg, liberal troublemaker and Black Lives Matter spokeswoman, has been formally charged by the US Attorney’s office after an investigation by the Secret Service found she is the ringleader of an anti-Trump group that has been conspiring to have him removed from office through not-so-legal means. It’s tragic that here

Whoopi Goldberg HUMILIATED After Again Attacking Trump With LIES

Whoopi Goldberg is the queen of running her mouth without any actual facts to back her up. And she’s been working overtime since President Trump took office. Whoopi was at it again this week after President Trump signed an executive order temporarily restricting immigration from certain Muslim countries. Liberals are absolutely losing their