Whoopi Goldberg HUMILIATED After Again Attacking Trump With LIES

Whoopi Goldberg is the queen of running her mouth without any actual facts to back her up. And she’s been working overtime since President Trump took office. Whoopi was at it again this week after President Trump signed an executive order temporarily restricting immigration from certain Muslim countries. Liberals are absolutely losing their

VIDEO : Whoopi Goldberg Says Trump Won Because the Media Went Too Easy On Him


The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg claimed Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump won the election because the media failed to thoroughly fact-check him during his campaign. As the show’s panel discussed the prevailing mainstream media narrative that “fake news” influenced the presidential election in favor of Trump, Goldberg claimed another contributing factor

Whoopi Goldberg: I’m More Qualified to be President Than Trump!


Talk about a “Sister Act”! Whoopi Goldberg just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. Last week she compared Christmas to being the same as having an abortion and this week she thinks she would make a better president than Donald Trump. I guess Whoopi thinks because she starred in