CONFIRMED: Special Prosecutor Will INVESTIGATE Obama!

Liberals are always saying that Donald Trump is a criminal. However, in reality, Barack Hussein Obama is the one who has actually been committing crime. Now, he might finally have to answer for what he has done. I think it is a very valid question to ask if Barack Obama’s spying on

TODAY: Paul Ryan FIRED From His Speaker Job!

With no notice, Paul Ryan was terminated from his employment as Speaker of the House at the beginning of today when the Freedom Caucus chose another person ought to kill the lights on and in the corridor where the House of Representatives meets. As per some nutbag Tea party trick,

BREAKING: President Trump To EXIT Paris Climate Change Agreement!

Well folks… Liberal Heads will be exploding every day for the next week… the god of environmentalism has been wounded. Watch out !!! I predict the libtards will be rolling out their secret weapon – the Inventor of the Internet and the Father of Global Warming, the Living Iceberg Al Gore.

Alleged Leaker Quits White House In Secret Last Night! Here’s Who He Is…

Just three short months into his job overseeing the messaging strategy for the White House, Communications Director Mike Dubke has stepped down. However, the resignation comes at a very questionable time, and even more suspect is the way Dubke went about his decision. Not only will Dubke be leaving amidst