MASSIVE NEWS: Trump Administration Just Caught Another White House Leaker

Former American State Department officer has been caught selling classified information and engaging in espionage for a secret Chinese agents. Therefore he was arrested on Tuesday and apparently he’s being charged for this awful treason. It’s seem that this exclusive news came out from a US District Court in Alexandria, VA. As

NBA Players Vow To BAN Visit To Trump White House After Championship

Perhaps most of us would have been surprised a few years ago if big named million dollar athletes decided not to stand up for our National Anthem or perhaps wore a “Black Lives Matter” tee-shirt or raised a black power fist in defiance, at an opening sporting event, or witnessed

JUST IN: Rush Breaks Silence About James Comey

Rush Limbaugh is a big patriot and he is always here to encourage our people when its hardest. The good old Rush made an excellent analysys and he revealed the true face of James Comey. He was emotional as always and his message deserves to be heard. The testimony which was

Even REPORTERS are shocked: Nancy Pelosi just did it AGAIN….

Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has become somewhat notorious for saying all manner of nuttiness when giving her spiels in front of a TV camera, but it really seems like she’s losing it lately. For whatever reason, the California Democrat has a really hard time telling the difference between former President

REPORT: Angry At Trump Intervention, Sessions Offered To Resign

According to ABC News, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose relationship with President Trump has soured since Sessions decided to recuse himself from the investigation into Russia’s rumored ties with the Trump campaign, offered to resign his post. Sessions announced his recusal publicly in early March, reportedly enraging Trump. That recusal stemmed from