LEAKER FOUND? Scaramucci Terminates Suspected Leaker From White House

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci appears to have found at least one of the leakers in his first week on the job and that leaker is on his way out the door. Breitbart reported: Suspected leaker Michael Short has been terminated from the White House communications office, Breitbart News can

First Flynn, Then Spicer, Now Report Says This Person Could Be Next to Go

President Trump’s dream team has been reduced by two major players since his inauguration back in January. First, NSA head Mike Flynn resigned. Well, more like “resigned.” Most recently, Press Secretary Sean Spicer was also let go. (He “resigned,” too.) Who’s next? What are the Vegas odds? According to Newsmax, more resignations may

MASSIVE NEWS: Trump Drops TRUTH BOMB About Sean Spicer

Now that Sean Spicer has resigned, President Trump is free to speak his mind about the former Press Secretary. “Sean Spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media – but his future is bright!,” Said President Trump in a recent tweet, wishing his friend the

YES, There Was a Cover-Up, And It’s WORSE Than We Thought

Obama has been caught in another MAJOR cover up now being revealed through President Trump approved investigations. No wonder Obama tried to cheat Hillary into the White House, apparently he had quite an extensive list of things he would have preferred were kept from public knowledge. Most recently it was revealed

BREAKING: Trump Just Gave America INCREDIBLE News. Your Response?

When Trump went into office, he said we would make us think about “America First”. Six months into his presidency, he’s held true to the promises he made. Fox News reports that since Donald Trump entered the White House, he has made the United States over $4 TRILLION dollars richer. People with