IT’S OVER! Republican Congressman Meets Assange – He Just Obtained Explosive Information & ‘Clintons Are Going Down’

Hillary DNC

We all know that in past years there was a lot of criminal activities in the Clinton Family, But now lot of lies and crimes of Hillary Clinton step by step are finally getting unraveling. According to: yournewswire Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher claims to have obtained explosive information that proves the Russians did

THE TIME IS UP – White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Has Been Fired!

It looks like Bannon’s time is up. The conservative hero and former head of has been shown the door. It looks like that rumor just became a reality: President Trump has decided to remove adviser Stephen K. Bannon from the White House, the New York Times is reporting. In recent weeks, the president

Just In: Obama’s Secret Room EXPOSED – Look What Was Hidden Inside!

Obama Is not giving up so easy….still thinks He’s president!! According to: Former President Barack Hussein Obama did exactly what most of us on the right expected him to do once he left the White House. First, the charlatan took a 6-month luxurious vacation most of us normal folk can only dream of taking.