Bernie Supporters Jeer at Democratic Party Chair After Email Leaks


Chaos broke out ahead of the US Democratic Party convention on Monday as protesters jeered the party chairwoman over leaked emails showing Democratic officials worked to undermine Bernie Sanders in his presidential primary battle with Hillary Clinton. Hours before the start of the four-day gathering to nominate Clinton for the White

How Hillary Clinton chose Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her VP

Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton, US Democratic Party presidential nominee, has named Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate for the presidential election holding in November. Kaine has navigated the rough-and-tumble of Virginia's electoral landscape with few ethics missteps. But minor controversies have flared over his acceptance of paid travel and gifts. Tim Kaine's selection

Allen West: Hillary is Beatable, Thank Goodness FBI Didn’t Recommend Charges


The day after FBI Director James Comey announced that his department would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch announced that the State Department would comply with the recommendation and not indict the former secretary of state. When news broke that Clinton would escape charges, conservatives around the country attacked

Match Made in Heaven : Hillary’s Top VP Pick Broke The Law


The radical open-borders advocate and former Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro is a top contender for Hillary’s VP. Currently, Castro is the HUD Secretary, and he’s in hot water for violating federal law when he promoted Hillary Clinton’s candidacy during an interview earlier this year, according to a media watchdog

Veep Nominee Pence Evolves On Muslim Immigration Issue [Video]


It seems Mike Pence is learning the Trump Shuffle, as part of his veep duties. Pence, who sorta endorsed Senator Ted Cruz during the primaries, spoke in December on the record about his opposition to Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country. So, very much opposed to Trump, right?   Fast forward to

WATCH: LT Gen Michael Flynn Speaks Out For Pence


Lt Gen Flynn, the military mastermind who was on Donald Trump’s short list for VP, has come out in support of Trump’s VP choice, Mike Pence. Flynn said, “Donald Trump is not picking somebody for Donald Trump. He’s picking somebody for the country.” WATCH:

Trump Postpones VP Announcement After Nice Terror Attack, Goes After Obama With This Demand…

Obama and Trump

In the wake of Thursday’s terrorist attack in Nice, France that left at least 77 dead and over 100 wounded, Donald Trump has delayed his previously scheduled Friday press conference to announce his running mate. Trump’s delay, while wise, does complicate things for Indiana Governor Mike Pence, should he be chosen.