BREAKING: What The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About Education In America

Just like we’ve been saying, Obama and the United Nations’ ideology has helped promote a “world citizenry” which is being taught in American colleges. And it’s being taught as preferable to American citizenry. This, according to higher education expert Peter Wood, President of the Nationals Association of Scholars. Mr. Wood is

BREAKING : Trump Did Not Call Putin Before Launching Missiles Against Syria

President Trump did not call Russian President Vladimir Putin before he launched missiles into a Syrian airfield on Thursday night. Russia was informed but through other channels. So much for the lying mainstream media’s narrative that President Trump is a “Putin Puppet.”After 18-long months of fake news reports that President Trump was

Trump’s New UN Ambassador Just Did Something No One Saw Coming


Sooner or later, liberals are going to learn that when President Trump says something, he means to do it. It doesn’t matter if his statements go well beyond anything any president has done before. Trump doesn’t care about precedent. He’s blazing a new trail. So for those who have already come

POLL: Is Trump Right About DEFUNDING the United Nations?


The move by the United Nations against Israel was one of the most despicable moves ever made by the organization, and it did so with the apparent backing of our sitting president. Secretary of State John Kerry’s despicable speech against Israel has begun a charge from many of our representatives to