Russia Sends Troops to North Korea Border [Video]

Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered troops and weapons to be sent to the country’s border with North Korea as tensions continue to escalate. Unverified video footage appears to show a train, believed to be one of three, loaded with military equipment and headed towards the 11-mile border between Russia

BREAKING: House Votes to REBUKE Obama for Betraying Israel at UN…

In just 15 days, Barack Obama leaves the White House. Before he goes he just had to send Israel one last middle finger by having the U.S. abstain from a UN vote that condemned Israeli settlements. Today, the House of Representatives voted to denounce 44 for going against one of America’s strongest

The NDAA Threatens Trump and Obama!

Obama’s Greatest Fear? That the NDAA might be imposed on himself! The 2017 National Authorization Act was ominously similar in its draconian content to its predecessors! On December 31, as New Year’s celebrations distracted the country, Obama quietly signed the 2012 National Defense Act (NDAA) from his holiday haven in Hawaii. The 2012

Unlike Obama Israel PM Bibi Drops Bombshell at UN – True LEADER

Bibi spoke at the United Nations General Assembly, which can’t be an easy thing for him to do. After all, an organization that puts representatives of nations who think Israel doesn’t deserve to exist in positions of authority isn’t going to look too kindly on the Israeli Prime Minister. But now that

REPORT: Obama offered $115bn arms sales to Saudi Arabia


The administration of US President Barack Obama has offered Saudi Arabia $115 billion in arms sales, a report seen by Reuters has found. The offer, including weapons, other military equipment and training, is the highest the United States has offered in its 71-year alliance with the monarchy, the agency reported Wednesday. Authored