Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), the longest serving member of Congress, became the most recent casualty of an increasingly tumultuous election year when he died this morning. Fueled by the West Virginia Tea Party, a political party that aims to restore sanity to Washington by electing people who are largely insane, widespread

SUSAN RICE REFUSES To Testify Before The Senate…You Won’t Believe The Reason Why!

Susan Rice just announced she won’t testify before the Senate on the Russian hacking. Senator Lyndsey Graham said he’s “very disappointed” but said, “we’ll deal with her later.” She gave a very flimsy excuse for not testifying via her lawyer: Rice considered the invitation a “diversionary play” to distract attention from the investigation

BREAKING: Obama is Finished! Mike Pence Just Put the Final Nail in His Coffin

MIKE PENCE JUST SAVED AMERICA! Vice President Mike Pence was called into the Senate Thursday to cast a tie breaking vote on an Obama rule that forces States to provide taxpayer funded abortions. The Senate voted 50-50 to repeal the Obama administration rule that prevents states from giving federal tax dollars