Just In: “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller Called to testify before Congress

Well it seems the things are getting worse for Robert Mueller, head of the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, as his questionable personal connections are revealed a little bit more each day. According to: truthfeed Texas Rep. Brian Babin wants “special counsel” leader Robert Mueller to testify before Congress and he’s not letting up. Babin

JUST IN: Hannity Has Enough, Slams Senate Leader McConnell For His Words

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made some comments about President Trump saying that he had “excessive expectations” for the Republican-controlled Congress. In other words, he thinks the President is being too hard on them for not advancing his campaign promises. Fox News Host Sean Hannity blew his top when he

BREAKING: The Senate Just Sent Debbie Wasserman Shultz The Worst News Ever

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley (R-IA), just requested that copies of immigration files for the six Pakistani IT staffers – among them being Imran Awan. According to the Daily Caller, Grassley is looking to get more information about Imran Awan and his wife along with the two brothers and

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Blocks President Trump!!!

The Senate has unanimous agreed to block President Trump from making appointments while they are on recess. From The Hill: The Senate blocked President Trump from being able to make recess appointments on Thursday as lawmakers leave Washington for their summer break. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), doing wrap up for the entire

This Means War! Bill O’Reilly Issues Urgent Warning to Trump.

The No Spin Zone master himself, Bill O’Reilly, has an important message for President Trump. He NEEDS to hear this from every single patriot in the country. O’Reilly put his warning out on Twitter for the world to see. His message read, “If Republicans in the Senate do not stick together, they will lose.

SPECIAL REPORT: Iran Issues Jaw-Dropping Threat to Trump

We had to sit back and suffer through eight years of Obama as our president. He blatantly put our country in danger and would flirt with terrorists every chance he got, and this is the result. Iranian officials have come forward and said that they have no qualms about “acting decisively”