BREAKING: Dems Secret Meeting EXPOSED – Media Cover-Up CONFIRMED

The Democrats are dedicated to completely demonizing Russia. In their eyes, Russia is the evil power that broke international law in order to help get Trump elected president. However, not too long ago, Democrats were very happy to work with Russia. Back in 2015, 30 Senate Democrats met secretly with Russian and

WATCH: Geraldo Goes On Camera & Drops Russia Investigation TRUTH BOMB. IT’S OVER.

The mainstream media is not used to broadcasting this kind of blunt truth, especially not from the mouth of a liberal. “Drop that impeachment talk right now!” exclaimed FOX News contributor and liberal Geraldo Rivera on FOX & Friends. “It just wastes the nation’s time. There was no obstruction of justice.” Former FBI Director James

Veterans Cheering After Seeing What Trump Got Done On The Senate Floor This Morning

The Senate passed legislation Tuesday morning intending to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) civil service protections. The bill passed with bipartisan support. Remember back in 2014 when whistleblowers said that thousands of veterans were dying while waiting for health care at the VA? Obama vowed to reform the organization,