ALERT: Democrats Are Getting ARRESTED… It’s Finally Happening!

Major arrests are being made now that the FBI is free to pursue justice once again. It’s about time! State Department employee Candace Claiborn — once a Clinton employee — has been arrested and charged by the FBI for failing to disclose foreign contacts and making false statements to federal investigators.

TONE DEAF: As Obama Leaves Office, He Asks Americans For Something HILARIOUS…


Former President Barack Obama appears to have learned a lesson from his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, it may not be a good lesson. Barely out of office, Obama appears to have discovered the power, or perhaps the largesse, that a foundation can bring… From Conservative Tribune: According to The Hill, the

Hillary Clinton Decided To Fire Her Employees, The Clinton Foundation Is Done


The Clinton Foundation’s “Clinton Global Initiative” decided to fire all the employees effective April 15th. The elections triggered an avalanche of controversy regarding Clinton’s charity actions, and the latest report says that they lost 50% of their donations. About 22 employees will be fired. Check the notice that was filled with

Chaffetz VOWS to Continue Clinton Email Investigation

Jason Chaffetz has vowed to continue the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email. Chaffetz is the House Oversight Committee Chairman, he told reporters Monday, “Just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away.” From CNN: "The FBI decided not to recommend charges against Clinton, though their months-long investigation —

Look Who Liberals Are Blaming NOW For Hillary’s Loss


The liberal FiveThirtyEight blog broke down new SurveyMonkey data on voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election in an effort to explain away Hillary Clinton’s loss — without really understanding what actually happened. FiveThirtyEight reported: Registered voters who didn’t vote on Election Day in November were more Democratic-leaning than the registered

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Hillary Email Lawsuits


Just because the election is over doesn’t mean the lawsuits are going away. A federal appeals court has ordered the lawsuits forcing the government to recover and reveal Hillary Clinton’s missing email to go on, reversing a lower court’s dismissal. After they determined that Secretary of State John Kerry was not taking