Media Matters Launches All-Out War Against Sean Hannity


Media Matters for America has declared war on Fox News host Sean Hannity.The home page of the liberal organization now has Hannity — who the group tried to take out in May with a boycott that fizzled — front and center as the group’s top target. A petition page on the

BREAKING: What This GOP Leader Just Told Hannity Will Make Trump’s Jaw DROP


The chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC), joined Sean Hannity and delivered some BAD news for James Comey. All of the Trump-Russia allegations are disappearing, now that it’s becoming clear that there is no evidence of collusion. Now, Rep. Meadows just revealed that Republicans are starting

O’Reilly finally ADMITS: “I should have…”

Former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly has been speaking out more and more about his firing from the network after allegations of sexual harassment hit the airwaves, with the host now saying he regrets not fighting back against the charges more aggressively. In a recent interview, O’Reilly gave props to fellow

BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Justice Dept to FILE CHARGES Against Comey for LEAKS

Minutes ago on FOX News, Geraldo Rivera and Sean Hannity, Hannity announced that President Trump’s legal team will definitely file charges with the Department of Justice over James Comey’s leaks to the press. This will happen as early as tomorrow morning.   WATCH: “Sources with the President’s legal team say the president’s lawyer

VICTORY! Look What USAA Just Announced

Hooray! A win for the good guys! Sean Hannity, who was under attack from the left, including Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Media Matters, who targeted his sponsors, has won a bug battle. Your efforts to fight for Hannity, free speech, and the Seth Rich investigation have paid off. Hannity sponsor USAA, a veterans