New report reveals why Jim Comey acted the way he did during FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey distrusted former Attorney General Loretta Lynch because he believed she and other top Justice Department officials had political motives to hinder or downplay the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, a new report reveals. According to the New York Times, Comey deployed a “go-it-alone strategy” during the

CIA and FBI’s Revelation Leaves Russia in Complete SHOCK! FINALLY!

All things considered, it appears as though the CIA and FBI have at long last chosen to dump the MSM’s account of ‘Russians hacked and spilled,’ and are presently conceding (by dispatch of an “insider” manhunt) that maybe WikiLeaks had it right from the start. A double crosser within was

Russia Sends Troops to North Korea Border [Video]

Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered troops and weapons to be sent to the country’s border with North Korea as tensions continue to escalate. Unverified video footage appears to show a train, believed to be one of three, loaded with military equipment and headed towards the 11-mile border between Russia

CNN IS FINISHED! Vladimir Putin Just Told Them Their WORST Nightmare

Ever since President Trump was elected, CNN has been pushing this BOGUS “Russia rigged the election” nonsense. They keep calling for “investigations” into Russia’s “involvement,” and The President has responded by calling it FAKE NEWS! Well, now Vladamir Putin is Responding. PUTIN IS LAUNCHING AN INVESTIGATION INTO CNN TO DETERMINE IF

BREAKING: Pyongyang evacuated… North Korea Announces ‘BIG SURPRISE’

Russia and Asian media are reporting that the North Korean capital of Pyongyang is being evacuated ahead of a “big surprise” on Saturday. Nearly everyone is interpreting that to mean North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is planning to do something that will spark war with the United States. From the Daily Express: Reports

Putin Warns Trump: “Don’t Strike Syria Again”


Relations between Moscow and Washington seem to be deteriorating quickly, as the the US demands Russia abandon it's alliance with Syria, a prospect Russian leaders soundly reject. Amid attempts to “clarify areas of sharp difference,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blasted the Trump administration’s “ambiguous and contradictory” foreign policy at the