IT’S OVER! Republican Congressman Meets Assange – He Just Obtained Explosive Information & ‘Clintons Are Going Down’

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We all know that in past years there was a lot of criminal activities in the Clinton Family, But now lot of lies and crimes of Hillary Clinton step by step are finally getting unraveling. According to: yournewswire Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher claims to have obtained explosive information that proves the Russians did

Just In: “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller Called to testify before Congress

Well it seems the things are getting worse for Robert Mueller, head of the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, as his questionable personal connections are revealed a little bit more each day. According to: truthfeed Texas Rep. Brian Babin wants “special counsel” leader Robert Mueller to testify before Congress and he’s not letting up. Babin

BREAKING NEWS: Real DNC Hacker Exposed

The never-ending Russia saga has captured the imagination of Democrats and the mainstream media. While there continues to be zero concrete evidence that anything nefarious took place – or that a single vote was changed due to alleged interference – the drum is beaten on a daily basis. During this non-stop

MASSIVE NEWS: Russian Hacker Refused to Take FBI Bribe and Confess to Hacking Hillary’s Email — So Comey Had Him Arrested

Russian hacker Yevgeny Nikulin claims the FBI offered him money and citizenship if he would accept responsibility for the Clinton email cyberattacks. Nikulin is currently being held at Prague’s Pankrac prison. He claims Comey’s FBI offered him citizenship and a free apartment for taking the fall over hacking Podesta’s emails. Yevgeny Nikulin was arrested in

BREAKING: Wikileaks Founder Just Exposed Hillary’s Dirty Secret – Total Media Blackout


Democrats do not have a cohesive strategy or anything positive to offer American voters. Instead, they project and blame President Trump for crimes they committed. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange explained that he has investigated both 2016 presidential candidates and discovered that only Hillary Clinton has substantial ties to the Russian government. “Hillary

High-Ranking Republican Congressman REVEALS Mueller’s DIRTY CRIMES and Calls For IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION as Special Counsel

Role of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has become more politicized every single day. Mueller was allegedly appointed to probe whether or not President Trump or his team colluded with Russia during the election. Thus far, intelligence agencies and Robert Mueller had to find any proof, but if there was it would be leaked by