SPECIAL REPORT: Mueller Linked To Massive Hillary Scandal

Democrats never expected the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election would land squarely at the feet of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Much to their surprise, it may just have. On Tuesday, The Hill released a breakthrough report detailing an FBI investigation into Russian corruption around the time the US government

ALERT: Major Mueller Lawsuit Filed, Conservatives Love It

The Democrats seem to be oddly quiet on the topic of Russia these days. Leading up to the Charlottesville incident where one woman was tragically murdered, the Left couldn’t stop talking about how they thought that the president colluded with Russia to “hack” the 2016 election. Robert Mueller has been working

BREAKING: Mueller Caught Colluding With Powerful Democrat Against Trump

According to: christiannewsalerts President Trump has been under fire recently for allegedly colluding with Russia, or being a racist, or whatever else the Left conceives despite lack of convictions or evidence. However, things are now taking a very dangerous turn as Special Counsel Robert Mueller pairs up with another powerful Democrat. According

Just In: “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller Called to testify before Congress

Well it seems the things are getting worse for Robert Mueller, head of the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, as his questionable personal connections are revealed a little bit more each day. According to: truthfeed Texas Rep. Brian Babin wants “special counsel” leader Robert Mueller to testify before Congress and he’s not letting up. Babin

MASSIVE NEWS: FBI Issues Brutal Warning to Special Counsel Robert Mueller

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s purportedly independent investigation continues to haunt the Trump administration, the FBI has distributed a surprising warning to Mueller himself to stay in line-lest he faces the repercussions. “Bob Mueller understands and I understand the specific scope of the investigation, and so no, it’s not a fishing

Massive News: Trump Is Under Attack – Dem Senator is Threatening to do something horrifying if Trump Fires Mueller

We all know that it’s time Robert Mueller to go! According to: truthfeed This man isn’t an unbiased investigator at all. He’s a Deep State shill, hell-bent on destroying President Trump by any means necessary. Mueller is investigating a debunked narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia to “steal” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. It’s literally