Putin Warns Trump: “Don’t Strike Syria Again”


Relations between Moscow and Washington seem to be deteriorating quickly, as the the US demands Russia abandon it's alliance with Syria, a prospect Russian leaders soundly reject. Amid attempts to “clarify areas of sharp difference,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blasted the Trump administration’s “ambiguous and contradictory” foreign policy at the

Tillerson Drops Hammer on Soros

Several leading Republican Senators are calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to launch an investigation into the Obama administration’s ties to George Soros led efforts to interfere with foreign governments. The Senators claim Obama did this by “sending taxpayer funds to extreme and sometimes violent political activists” that promote leftist

Is Trump Really Considering an Infamous Neocon for State Department Post?

Rand Paul is already promising to block infamous neocon Elliott Abrams from being confirmed as the second-highest position in the State Department, ahead of the latter’s meeting with President Donald Trump on Tuesday. Should Paul refuse to vote for Abrams, it would be nearly impossible for Abrams to pass through the

OH MY GOD! Look What This Reporter Just STOLE From Trump While No One Was Looking!

This shocking footage that went VIRAL overnight shows a reporter possibly stealing TOP SECRET documents from Trump’s Secretary of State Nominee, Rex Tillerson. The video reportedly shows an unknown woman appearing to take secretly photographs of documents that belong to Trump’s Sec. of State nominee. We are not 100% sure if she

BREAKING: Condi Rice A Big Fan of Rex Tillerson Pick


President-elect Donald Trump has ended his search for a secretary of state, and while of course the media and Trump’s detractors have been critical, some rather influential voices have spoken up in support of the choice. Trump has decided upon ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to head up the State Department,