SICK: John McCain just condoned the Murder of Five Police Officers

Over a month ago Jason Kessler, a well known White Nationalist, planned a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. His reputation as a racist and provocateur is well known. Of all of the people to defend him, the ACLU helped him sue the city of Charlottesville. As expected violence broke out between Antifa,

CONFIRMED! McMaster is Fighting to Keep Obama’s Legacy Alive

With everything we know about H.R. McMaster, this could possibly be the worst.An analysis by Jerusalem Post author Caroline Glick confirmed that McMaster is opposed to many of Trump’s policies, but most of all he’s opposed to Middle East policies and is fighting to keep Obama’s regulations in place. President Trump

Day After Charlottesville Attack, Trump Admin. Makes The Move We’ve Been Hoping For

The terror attack in Charlottesville yesterday was absolutely heartbreaking. Now, the Trump Admin. is taking things a step further. From The Daily Caller: The Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched a civil rights investigation into the violence at the Charlottesville white nationalist rally in Virginia. Following confirmation that a car plowed through

Trump was RIGHT! 3.5 Mil. MORE Voters Registered than ALIVE! [VIDEO]

New Report Confirms 3.5 MILLION MORE ADULTS Registered To Vote Than Are Alive…No Wonder the Leftist Media Predicted Hillary Would Win? Flashback to 2016. The lying leftist pundits, like Nate Silver and George Stephanopoulos (seen below) reported with near certainty the Donald J. Trump could not win the general election against

OH MY: Look Who Just Threatened To Break Into WH With GUNS And KILL TRUMP

Trump didn’t say we are going to war with Venezuela. Everyone familiar with politics and negotiating knows that you never take the military option off the table. That’s all he was doing. It’s politics 101. However, Trump has been criticized by both sides of the aisle for his comments. What else