Muslim Congresswoman’s Horrible Secret Revealed After…..

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s newest Congresswoman was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. They laughed together as she was saying, “I’m America’s hope and Trump’s nightmare.” Noah wanted to get attention by using the Somali immigrant, who now sits in Congress, but now he certainly is regretting that

The Supreme Court Just Gave President Trump The Best News Of His Life

The Supreme Court says that the Trump administration can enforce the ban on refugees, but left in place a weakened travel ban that says that grandparents can enter the country, according to ABC News. The justices have now acted on today in response to the Trump administration’s appeal of a federal

LEAK: Top Republicans Busted In Plot To Take Down Trump

New England has long been a strong redoubt of far-Left politics in American life. Massachusetts itself is one of the most solidly Democrat states in the country. Now, it seems that Bay State Republicans are even on board with keeping their state Blue. A leaked memo apparently shows that RINOs in

They Caught Them! FBI Arrests 6 Muslim Doctors For…

Under the Obama administration, the number of Muslims arrested for fraud in any capacity was zero. But somehow, for years, Muslim doctors have been breaking federal laws and raking in tens of millions of dollars in illegal assets. Because the system is gamed so often by nefarious characters throughout the country,

Obama Realizes He’s Not Welcome In America Anymore

President Obama has taken a break from hobnobbing with celebrities and once again thrown himself into D.C. Politics. The former president headlined a Democratic fundraiser last week that was attended by senior party members. While he was in office Obama tried to portray himself as an every-man, a guy that