OMG! Hillary’s Election Night TIRADE Just Leaked & it’s Going VIRAL

Going into election night, Hilary Clinton was 100% sure she was going to win. She had a sense of entitlement for YEARS that she was owed the Presidency, and when it didn’t happen, she became unhinged. Breitbart has reported that she became “physical” and started “Throwing objects” after she learned

BREAKING: Congress Makes CRIMINAL Charges Announcement In Hillary Email Scandal


House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is not giving up the fight against Hillary Clinton. He is determined to see all those involved brought to justice.Representative Chaffetz is seeking to put criminal charges on Bryan Pagliano, the State Department employee who helped set up Clinton’s private server during her

Hillary Clinton reacts to Lady Gaga not spewing Trump-hate during Super Bowl halftime


While many liberals were seething, Hillary Clinton was thrilled with the Super Bowl halftime performance of one of her most ardent supporters, Lady Gaga. The former secretary of state and Democrat presidential candidate told her social media followers that she went “gaga” for the show. Many fans expected Gaga to make a

Thanks, Obama: Hillary Found A New Reason For Her Loss To Trump


Hillary Clinton’s staff is still furious over her loss, and more than anything, they blame former President Barack Obama.The camps are clashing over the heated blame game. Clinton’s side insists Obama was the biggest reason she lost, according to Clinton staffers that spoke with Axios.They think his lack of support