McCain Shuts Down Confirmation Hearings for Pentagon Appointees Because He’s Mad at Trump

Obstructionist John McCain has struck again, this time shutting down confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s nominees for the Pentagon because he opposes Trump’s presidency. McCain has this power because he is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Conservative Tribune notes. The Arizona Senator claims he has done this to

BREAKING: Putin Makes Shock Trump Announcement

Democrats are still hoping against hope that Robert Mueller, or someone else, will find conclusive proof that Donald Trump actively conspired with Russia in order to win the 2016 election. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently put a lot of these rumors to bed. According to Politico, on Wednesday, President Putin told Russian reporters

Trump Just Ended Sanctuary Cities With One Brutal SURPRISE!

From Pilot Tribune: Western Iowa Congressman Steve King is celebrating news of a sweep of arrests of nearly 500 illegal aliens in supposed “sanctuary city” locations in 10 urban areas of the country over a four-day period. “The end of so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ is here. Like it or not, the rule

JUST IN: San Juan Mayor is Attacking President Trump….AGAIN

From The inept, anti-Trump mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico says he minimised the suffering of Puerto Ricans by comparing the crisis to Katrina. Donald Trump arrived in Puerto Rico to a well staged spectacle of supporters who cheered for him and took selfies as he threw paper towel rolls into the

BREAKING: Obamacare Corruption Confirmed

Although Congress has postponed its attempts to repeal Obamacare, the signature legislative accomplishment of America’s 44th President continues to be the subject of debate as new information regarding its implementation comes to light. A new report by Judicial Watch, reveals the Obama-era IRS and Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), along with

BREAKING: President Trump Picks Up Texas Flag and Does Something Truly Amazing

After arriving in Corpus Cristi with First Lady Melania to assist in efforts to help Texans get through the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, Trump delivered a truly epic speech. “This is historic and epic what happened, but you know what, it happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything.”

BREAKING: Mueller Caught Colluding With Powerful Democrat Against Trump

According to: christiannewsalerts President Trump has been under fire recently for allegedly colluding with Russia, or being a racist, or whatever else the Left conceives despite lack of convictions or evidence. However, things are now taking a very dangerous turn as Special Counsel Robert Mueller pairs up with another powerful Democrat. According