BREAKING: Comey Lied!! The Truth Is Out!!!


James Comey, the former FBI Director recently testified in front of Congress that he had never been an anonymous source in news reports related to the Russia investigation. But the interesting thing is that by the time Comey stated this, he has already leaked several private conversations, which only means

Liberal Media In Panic After CIA Mike Pompeo Drops Truth Bomb For President Trump

IA head Mike Pompeo made conducted a rare public interview on MSNBC Saturday to set the media straight on something: President Trump cares about intelligence briefings and takes our nation’s security very seriously. The media loves to pretend President Trump is stupid and doesn’t read intelligence briefings, here’s some headlines from the top

BREAKING: Obama Did Something Sick To Stab Trump In The Back

Looks like Obama is missing the spotlight! The ex-President can’t resist giving his opinion about the latest in American politics- and surprise!- he doesn’t like what President Trump is doing with the place. Obama wrote a Facebook post on Thursday lambasting the Republicans’ new plan to repeal and replace the failing

BREAKING: Obama Bombshell Opens Door To His Intimate Past

Barack Obama’s past has always been shrouded in mystery. It’s that way on purpose–the Leftist media has done everything it can to keep it a secret. It’s the opposite of Donald Trump, who’s transparent and on the public radar for decades.No one knew who Obama was before he ran for