Black Friday Turns Deadly — Multiple Shootings Reported


Before dawn had even broken on America’s West Coast on Friday, Black Friday-related shootings had already claimed at least two lives and left two more people injured.One person was shot to death outside the Hamilton Mall in New Jersey as shoppers waited for a Macy’s to open at 6 a.m.

Hillary Canceled NC Trip Right Before Riot, Then Says THIS About Police


Without any explanation, Hillary Clinton canceled her fundraiser in North Carolina just hours before rioters lit a major city in that state on fire in violent protest of police. The Democrat presidential candidate refused to speak on her sudden postponement of that trip, making a sickening statement about law enforcement

Mayor & Gov. Say NY Bomb Isn’t Terror, But Police Reveal Something Horrifying


After 29 people were injured by an explosion in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly claimed that the bombs weren’t part of an Islamic terrorist attack. However, not long after they made their assertions, police revealed something

MAJOR Attack in Chicago- 65 Shot 13 Dead


So far this year over five hundred people have been murdered in Chicago, Illinois. A state and city which is largely known for its gun and gang violence issues despite having the largest rate of gun laws. Labor Day weekend left 65 people shot and injured and 13 dead. A

What Hillary Just Did To Police Should OUTRAGE ALL Americans


Democrats always try to tell us that they don’t dislike the police and they aren’t anti-police. No guys…you really are against the police and it shows in everything you do and support. I’m not sure how much more evidence you need. When George Soros, the left’s top money man, is pumping millions of

BREAKING: Eiffel Tower EVACUATED – Bomb Squad Rushing In [VIDEO]


Weeks after the deadly terrorist attack in Nice, the country of France is living in daily fear of more attacks. This week, many feared their most precious landmark had been targeted when a suspicious package was found at the Eiffel Tower. The monument was promptly evacuated as the military and bomb