Trump EXPOSES Obama’s Fraud And Gives Pentagon New Orders IMMEDIATELY!


A huge number of U.S. citizen dollars were in effect stupidly squandered paying for the pay rates of non-existent “apparition” warriors and policemen in Afghanistan under the Obama organization, yet no more. As per the extraordinary reviewer general for Afghanistan recreation, John Sopko, who as of late sat down for a

Massive Announcement From Hawaii Officials About Obama’s Birth Certificate!!


Obama Birth Certificate In his first term as President, Barack Obama faced continuous questions about his true identity—many of which have remained unanswered. Concerns have been raised that Obama was not born in the United States, and is therefore not eligible to lead our country. Just before he was reelected, Obama released


The MSM multi-front attacks on the Trump administration for alleged Russian connections has met its first retaliation. For months, Fake News stories with little or no credible intelligence have been circulating in an attempt to not only undermine the Presidency, but also to distract from the very real crimes committed

A Search Warrant Was Just Served At The Obama Residence

Just after dawn in the quiet Tracy Street neighborhood of Washington, DC, the FBI and NSA served a warrant at the Obama’s post-presidential rental mansion. The house, fortified with 10-foot walls and guard stations for Secret Service officers, serves as Obama’s residence in Washington and allegedly as the headquarters for