BREAKING: Mattis DESTROYS Pentagon for $28 Million in Obama Era WASTE!

So get this, during the last 10 years including the entire Obama era, the pentagon wasted $28 million dollars on camouflage pattern uniforms. What made these uniforms a total waste of money? They match FOREST terrain that only makes up 2% of Afghanistan as opposed to the DESERT terrain that makes up

SPECIAL REPORT: Top Democrats Are Dragging Their Feet To Delay Investigation Into Obama Leaks

Democrats have finally found an investigation they have no interest in pursuing aggressively. Naturally, their actions are all about protecting the Obama administration. The Washington Free Beacon reported: Top Dems Slow Rolling Ethics Probe to Delay Investigation Into Obama Leaks Democratic congressional leaders on the House Ethics Committee are charged with intentionally dragging

BREAKING: THIS is Why Susan Rice REFUSES to Testify!

Susan Rice

Why won’t Susan Rice testify? The theories are many. [VIDEO] However, the most obvious is that she knows she committed 3 felonies for Obama and testifying could land her in jail. In addition, given her long track record of being caught lying, the chances of her committing perjury would be high. Watch the video:

YES, There Was a Cover-Up, And It’s WORSE Than We Thought

Obama has been caught in another MAJOR cover up now being revealed through President Trump approved investigations. No wonder Obama tried to cheat Hillary into the White House, apparently he had quite an extensive list of things he would have preferred were kept from public knowledge. Most recently it was revealed

MASSIVE NEWS: Trump Drops Bombshell On Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is one of the most unconstitutional laws to ever go into effect. President Trump and Congress know the truth, and now it is time to wake the American people to this unforgivable crime Obama committed against the nation. According to Dennis Michael Lynch, President Trump stopped programs

BREAKING: HUGE Announcement on Susan Rice Testimony

There’s no doubt names were unmasked by the Obama administration. The real questions are: Who did the unmasking and why? It’s as simple as that. Will we ever know what really happened probably not? It’s about power and money and it all leads back to Obama and Clinton. Who are we