Trump Just Ordered Massive Arrest – Here’s What Happening At D.C. Airport Right Now!

It’s been a month or so since Turkish government officials attacked peaceful protestors near their embassy in Washington, D.C. The Metropolitan police in D.C. have now issued arrest warrants for approximately twelve of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security detail. President Trump has signed off on these arrests and he isn’t playing around.

CONGRESS: It was Obama’s DOJ, Not the Russians Who Tried to Influence Presidential Election [Video]

Congressman Louis Gohmert has raised some very troubling critical questions about the behavior of former FBI Director James Comey in relation to the Obama DOJ! Gohmert points out a huge difference between Comey’s behavior when directed by DOJ AG Loretta Lynch and the way he has behaved toward President Trump. The Congressman says that there is still

BREAKING: Lynch COLLUDED with Hillary Campaign, Comey SCARED to Act!

Corrupt To The CORE!  Comey Not Just Scared of Trump.  Hillary and Loretta had him on a Short Leash! What goes around comes around.  It looks like the contrived Trump “Russian collusion” narrative is coming back to bite all the crooked players in their butts.  If the special investigation into “Russia”

Another Fraud From Obama That Media Refuses to Report

Former President Obama and his administration have lately deserved to be described as the government full of the biggest crimes ever committed. One more time, the ghost soldiers story is reopened and there are some severe blames circling around. It appears that thousands of millions of dollars were just funneled, i.e.