VIDEO: Maxine Waters Lectures Trump Admin on North Korea

Anti-Trump Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told TMZ outside an upscale restaurant Wednesday evening that the Trump administration must tone down its rhetoric towards the North Koreans. Waters urged Sec. of State Tillerson to consider ‘things they’re asking for.’ VIDEO BELOW:

JUST IN: Susan Rice Sides with North Korea Against Trump

When it comes to the conflict between U.S. vs. North Korea, you are either with us or with the enemy.Susan Rice has made her choice, and has chosen to side with North Korea. According to the disgraced liar Rice, Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric and learn to live with

NBC Just Sided With Kim Jong-un Over President Trump

We not only have a lying, fake news media; they are also vindictive and outright DANGEROUS. President Trump stood up for the American people by telling the chubby North Korean dictator that if he threatens America, he will deal with “fire and fury,” the likes of which the world has never