NBC Just Sided With Kim Jong-un Over President Trump

We not only have a lying, fake news media; they are also vindictive and outright DANGEROUS. President Trump stood up for the American people by telling the chubby North Korean dictator that if he threatens America, he will deal with “fire and fury,” the likes of which the world has never

NBC Sports Announcer Thinks American Flag Needs To Be Kept Out Of Sports

NBC Sports announcer Craig Calcaterra went on a full blown twitter–meltdown-rant about how the American flag is “politics” that needs to be kept “out of sports.” https://twitter.com/craigcalcaterra/status/853546805832933376?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chicksontheright.com%2Fnbc-sports-announcer-thinks-american-flag-needs-kept-sports%2F Um… since when is the American flag “politics?” I remember when at least both sides PRETENDED to care about this country, but I guess the

SHOCK: We Just Found Out Why Megyn Kelly REALLY Joined NBC…

Megyn Kelly

First Greta Van Susteren left Fox and joined MSNBC. Then it was Megyn Kelly. Apparently, that wasn’t a coincidence. From Allen B. West:Page Six from the New York Post reports, Media insiders are buzzing that Andy Lack wants NBC to become “the next Fox News” after he poached cable stars Greta Van Susteren