After Attacking Monuments, a VERY Interesting Detail About Pelosi Comes Out

Red Alert Politics reports that in 1948, Pelosi’s father, Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., actually dedicated a monument to none other than Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. At the dedication, he said, “Today, with our nation beset by subversive groups and propaganda which seeks to destroy our national unity, we

One Tiny Detail DESTROYS Pelosi’s Fake Outrage Over Southern Statues

Calvin Freiburger explains that leftist outrage is like a fire: feeding it doesn’t appease it; it only empowers it to spread its destruction further. Case in point: the Daily Mail reports that the Democrat chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Cedric Richmond, is demanding the removal of statues depicting Confederate leaders

Chuck Woolery Wants SOMEONE to Ask Pelosi and Schumer THIS Question

Watching the leftist violence unfold every day is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s as if the lying media and Democrats want Americans to live in an alternate reality, where they’re the good guys, battling “Nazis.” Chuck Woolery wants to know why someone, anyone, in the media hasn’t asked Pelosi or Schumer if they

BREAKING: Pelosi Calls For Removal of Confederate Statues From US Capitol

Democrats are going full-bore to support the ‘let’s get rid of the monuments’ craze. Check out what she did today.



Rumors have been swirling over the past few months that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is suffering from mental health issues after she made a series of bizarre public appearances. Though she stubbornly claims to be fine, things have gotten so bad that even her fellow Democrats want her to

BOOM: Pelosi Just Tossed Hillary Clinton Under The Bus!

Nancy Pelosi and her defeated Democrat comrades are running around promoting the new DNC slogan “A Better Deal.” Who exactly is this “better deal” for, anyway? Globalists? Illegals? Refugees? Career politicians? It certainly won’t be a “better deal” for the American people… In addition, now that the fake Russia conspiracy is dead

VIDEO: Pelosi MIND MELTS Continue! Watch! Even Dems FREAKING OUT!

Senile Nancy Pelosi has completely gone off the deep end once again, leaving many to wonder if her brain capacity has deteriorated past the point of no return. (VIDEO BELOW) Pelosi joined Chris Wallace Sunday to discuss the many issues her failing party is facing. Nonetheless, it look just seconds for

MASSIVE NEWS: Pelosi Gave Pakistani Spy Shocking Item, People Could Die

The current scandal involving Congressional Democrats and the IT crime family of the Awans is far more damning than anything connecting President Donald Trump to Russia. And the story just got a whole lot worse for the Democrats. Imran Awan, the former IT staffer for former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz