Look who’s been arrested for terrorism, TIES to ISIS! Libs in panic mode

ou ought to pick your companions deliberately. Isn’t that what every dependable parent rehash to their kids? It’s awesome guidance for grown-ups, as well. It’s additionally counsel that establishments ought to take after, or rather an adjustment of that exhortation: Be cautious what people and causes you embrace. Reclaiming a support


In some ways this is more important than anything that the former FBI Director said or didn't say about Hillary Clinton. Comey responded that out of 2,000-plus “violent extremist investigations … about 300 of them are people who came to the United States as refugees.” So 15 percent of the FBI’s

BREAKING: Leaked Pictures Of Sally Yates Just DESTROYED Her Credibility

Sally Yates may have put on a half-decent show in front of the US Senate, but what was just uncovered about her will leave her career and her credibility. Photos entered into evidence in an ongoing investigation against Hillary Clinton in the House of Representatives show Yates used poor judgment

Ted Cruz News Today Just Slipped Incredible Bill Through Congress!


Ted Cruz News Today If anything good came from the fake news stories about Donald Trump this weekend, it provided the perfect distraction from Ted Cruz getting a incredible bill through congress that will INFURIATE the Democrats. The lying Liberal media just provided the perfect distraction for all of the far lefties