BREAKING: We Now Know the Real Reason Trump is Mad at McConnell and Ryan

From BizPac Review: President Donald Trump is angry with Republican leaders because of a proposal floating around Capitol Hill that undercuts his legislative agenda and provides major concessions to Democrats, two conservative strategists with more than 40 years of Hill experience told The Daily Caller News Foundation. MORE.. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

JUST IN: Hannity Has Enough, Slams Senate Leader McConnell For His Words

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made some comments about President Trump saying that he had “excessive expectations” for the Republican-controlled Congress. In other words, he thinks the President is being too hard on them for not advancing his campaign promises. Fox News Host Sean Hannity blew his top when he

YES: U.S. Senate UNANIMOUSLY Defies Obama, And It’s About Time


It was a unanimous rebuke of the Obama administration, and it was massively underreported by the media: a 99-0 vote to extend sanctions on Iran that occurred at the beginning of December. Now, Iran is fighting back, especially since it could give the United States leverage over Tehran for years to

Obama: I Could’ve Beaten Trump if I Ran Again


In an exit interview on The Axe Files, President Obama said that he certainly could’ve been re-elected if he sought a third term for 2016. Speaking with his former senior adviser David Axelrod, the president asserted that America still believes in a progressive vision, and that he could’ve gotten a majority

BOOM: Obama Humiliated Again…Huge Score For Trump!


Oh, so close. That’s the parting words no doubt uttered behind the back of one of President Obama’s picks for the Supreme Court. Remember Judge Merrick Garland, who was supposed to slide right into the deceased Antonin Scalia’s associate justice seat, without much fight from the Republicans in the Senate? But

Most Divisive President Ever! Obama Attacks Trump on His Facebook Page


We got one SORE LOSER in the White House. Barack Obama is accused of being the most divisive US president in history. He’s earned that reputation. Barack Obama posted this on Facebook today: “Share if your number one priority is making sure Donald Trump is a one-term president.” It’s real !!! It’s on his Facebook page. Donald