CNN Tried To Embarrass Mike Pence In This Video

This video is making the rounds and it shows Mike Pence looking at CNN like “are you ******* kidding me?” This is why we love Mike Pence !! Vice President Mike Pence says that North Korea is getting the message that it needs to quit its nuclear activity. Tensions have gotten intense in

Mike Pence DROPPED A HAMMER On John Lewis After He Attacked Trump


John Lewis, a Congressman since 1986, doesn’t think that Donald Trump is a legitimate president. He expressed his worries during an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd. Trump immediately fired back tweeting that John Lewis should stop talking and should start doing stuff. Also, Mike Pence stands by Donald Trump’s

BREAKING: Obama is Finished! Mike Pence Just Put the Final Nail in His Coffin

MIKE PENCE JUST SAVED AMERICA! Vice President Mike Pence was called into the Senate Thursday to cast a tie breaking vote on an Obama rule that forces States to provide taxpayer funded abortions. The Senate voted 50-50 to repeal the Obama administration rule that prevents states from giving federal tax dollars

Democrats Creating Scandal For Pence Emails


Mike Pence has been figuring out what an attack by the Liberals feels like. Liberals from all over the country have been creating a scandal that doesn’t exist in order to divide the country. Vice President Mike Pence is in the center of it. While Governor of Indiana Pence used a


Let’s see if liberal media are going to report this… Reports indicate that the Indiana state electoral system endured thousands of hacking attempts this past election season, and none of them involved President Trump or the elusive Russian hackers. In fact, the would-be hackers were a little closer to home. Specifically, the