Mike Huckabee Has Perfect Solution for N. Korea Involving Maxine Waters…

Mike Huckabee offered a new and ingenious solution to President Trump to de-escalate the nuclear weapon threats from North Korea: send in Maxine Waters. It’s really perfect solution… Mad Max will drive Kim Jong-un to the point of madness!Well, he’s already insane, but you get the point. From the Washinton Examiner “[Trump] has dispatched

Mike Huckabee just gave the Mainstream Media a stinging endorsement!

Mike Huckabee is not known for pulling punches. His Twitter account has a history of hard-hitting Tweets. Long before President Trump took the spotlight, Mike Huckabee took Twitter shaming to a whole new level. Don’t get me wrong. President Trump has done so much to stop political correctness in our country.

Mitt Romney confirms he’s not voting for Hillary or Trump–here’s what he’s going to do instead..

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announced he won’t be voting for Donald Trump if he’s the Republican presidential nominee. But he could be open to the Libertarian ticket, Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan reported. “I don’t want to see trickle down racism,” the 2012 GOP presidential nominee told CNN earlier. “Presidents have