Look Where Michelle Obama Just Spent $10 Million

From Mad World News: Former First Lady Michelle Obama was caught sneaking away to New York, and it was to make a very big purchase. So big, in fact, she called Barack to come meet her, but what is really freaking conservatives out is what this all means. You’ll never believe

VIDEO: Crowd of Patriotic Americans BOO Michelle Obama


During Barack Obama’s presidency, Michelle Obama had the adoration of Hollywood and the media. She was a shining star to the liberal-leaning elites but Michelle was far from being admired by the American public. Appearing at a NASCAR event with former Vice President Joe Biden’s wife Jill, Michelle was in

BREAKING:Man Who Advised Michelle Obama’s Hideous School Lunch Program ARRESTED

David Binkle, who advised Michelle Obama on her school lunch program that caused millions of students to throw food away, is charged with 15 felony count, including embezzlement! The Los Angeles Unified School District serves nearly 700,000 meals per day. David Binkle also helped lead a charge that saw vegetarian curries,

BREAKING: Michelle Just Caught In BIG Financial Fraud Case

Michelle Obama

It’s been a few weeks since the country has heard or seen Michelle Obama which is a welcome change, but unusual for the spotlight-obsessed former first lady. Her last public appearance was at an event where she was asked to speak but spent her stage time complaining about the hard