CONFIRMED: Maxine Waters Busted in MASSIVE Fraud

Despite 13 terms in Congress, Waters only recently gained a national profile, after vowing to obstruct President Trump and promising to impeach him, even though Waters’ pal Nancy Pelosi conceded that Trump has committed no impeachable offenses. Maxine Waters is in deep trouble now! Waters has used public funds to pay her

BUSTED! Maxine Waters Caught In Nasty Scandal

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is known for being one of the most vocal detractors of President Trump. Since the 2016 election, Waters has made disparaging remarks about the President and his cabinet, and even called for his impeachment. In a surprising turn of events, the long-time Congresswoman faces a minor scandal related


Mad Max went off on another rant against President Trump on MSNBC Monday, slandering him as a “dishonorable human being” who only appeals to “haters” and “racists” throughout the country. Her attacks come after the President’s response this past weekend, to the deadly protests that occurred in Charlotteville, Virginia. What else

Mike Huckabee Says Mad Maxine Waters Can Solve Nuke Crisis in 30 Minutes

We all know by now that Maxine Waters is a conniving and dangerous individual. She continually makes statements that have Americans laughing at her utter stupidity, like when she stated that if the millennials wanted her to run for President in 2020, she would do so. But, this time former Arkansas