FLASHBACK VIDEO : Look Who is Pushing for Sharia Law in America

The new so-called “leader” of the Democrat Party, Maxine Waters, is perfectly OK if Sharia Law is practiced in America. In this flashback video, Waters stands before the Muslim Brotherhood – a radical Islamic group President Trump is considering designating an official terrorist organization – and advocated for Sharia Law. Waters

VIDEO : Maxine Waters Denies Ever Calling For Trump’s Impeachment

Just when you think Maxine Waters couldn’t get any crazier…Now she is trying to claim that she’s never called for Trump’s impeachment. It’s going to be hard to walk back that claim Maxine…considering everytime you get in front of a camera it’s the only word you can muster. How about this tweet? She

Maxine Waters Vows to Fight Everyday Until President is “Impeached”

There is not one valid reason why on earth President Trump would be impeached, but Maxine Waters has been trumpeting this claim for months now.She’s absolutely obsessed with impeachment and once said Trump coming up with the nickname “Crooked Hillary” was reason enough.Since when can nicknames equal impeachment?The crazy, incoherent

CRINGE VIDEO : Maxine Waters Leads Trump Impeachment Chant

Senile Maxine Waters led a crowd of low-info leftist “activists” in a anti-Trump rally chant.In a hoarse voice, she called for Trump’s impeachment.She’s forgetting the little fact that impeachment of Trump will be impossible with Republicans controlling the Presidency, House, Senate and Supreme Court. When will she ever learn? Watch the video: