WATCH: CIA Makes Horrifying Obama Confession


There have been rumors floating around that the FBI, NSA, and other intelligence agencies under the Obama administration were specifically targeting Donald Trump, his associates, and other conservative figures for surveillance in the twilight months of his campaign. Although the mainstream news media framed this as a mere rumor, it

INSANE: Hillary Clinton’s Pastor Compares Her Presidential Loss to Jesus

Hillary Clinton has some holy ambitions and is reportedly considering becoming a preacher. One Twitter user who that Hillary was already running the Church of Satan. She actually received a response from the Church… who wanted nothing to do with Hillary. Only God knows who would want to hear a sermon coming

Dinesh D’Souza Exposes Connection Between Democrat…

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza said during a Monday interview that the Democratic Party is responsible for inventing white nationalism. “Let’s remember that this whole concept of ethnic nationalism is a left-wing idea. The Democratic Party invented white nationalism and the Democratic Party invented black nationalism,” D’Souza said on “Fox

MUST SEE! Minutes After Reporter Calls Him Racist, Trump Turns Around And Does The INCREDIBLE

President Trump and CNN’s resident dick argued with Trump and tried to insinuate that Trump hadn’t condemned white supremacist hate groups enough. Then Trump responded with something incredible. Then Trump responded with something incredible. Watch it in the amazing 50-second video below. Jim Acosta knockout. “They’ve been condemned. They have been condemned,” Trump responded. Acosta

BUSTED! Obama’s $30+ Million Secret From His Last Year Discovered

The Washington Times is reporting that President Obama spent a record $36.2 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money in legal fees, all in their effort to hide things from the press and American citizens. Under the Freedom of Information Act, President Obama should have turned over certain federal records when asked but instead they