JUST IN: Republican Senator Goes ROGUE! Laura Ingraham RIPS Him To SHREDS!

Laura Ingraham’s WARNING to Traitor Jeff Flake is SHOCKING the Establishment! Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona is not only an Anti-Trump globalist but he is also a Bozo the Clown of “Chucky Schumer” proportions. When it to comes to Republican Congressional representation, the state of Arizona is sorely lacking. You have the

Sean Spicer Drops An A-BOMB At Press Briefing…Liberal Reporters Just Went INSANE!

Don’t be fooled: They pretend to care about foreign and domestic affairs, but the media’s favorite subject is… itself. Even before Watergate, American journalists have mythologized themselves as courageous truth tellers, exposing lies and corruption (while spreading and covering up their own.) Since Trump’s presidency became an inescapable reality, they’ve been

Did You Notice THIS Last Night at the RNC? [Video]


Laura Ingraham brought the house down at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night with a message that shows how sick millions of conservatives are of the mainstream media solely supporting Clinton and Donald Trump. Ingraham pointed at the press box and yelled to them, “Do your job!” While this line brought